Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday week 2: Mission Bulletproof Life.

It's about 1:30p, and I woke up about 9a in a slightly hungry state. I guess because I didn't get up and have the bulletproof coffee at 7a as I usually do, my weekend schedule changes my digestive schedule. I've been listening to a large number of Bulletproof podcasts, and as soon as I feel nice and caught up, I'll begin listening to Paleo Solution. I'm just interested in obtaining as much information as humanly possible. Such deeply rooted information exists on such a wide scale that I have a new scientific vocabulary when it comes down to it.

My mind and performance have definitely improved. I'm aligning myself with the mental patterns of the Bulletproof frequency, like dialing into that radio station. The lean results I'm expecting should have already been in place, not from doing this program, but in my life, and I've been wondering how to unlock that. I'm thinking this is the way...for now. My clients will appreciate my experimentation, trial and error on myself. They are more likely to listen if I have firsthand experience with it. In fact my question always has been, how can one proclaim a certain way of life works or doesn't work if one has not gone through the process of discovering it? As I teach my students about the six steps of the scientific method, I realize that my own junior biohacking is in the same category. You must ask the right questions, hypothesize your results, then test it to see if it worked.

I've never quite taken to heroes and role models to define my life, as I'd prefer my life set the tone and the example for many, but really, when I am admiring a scientist, biohacker, author or dancer etc., I really am looking up to their accomplishments and what I can glean from their experience, without getting confused as to what to choose for myself. I know that through this experiment, I find the best methods and timing for each, that work for me. So much has come from this time.

Back to the Bulletproof journey. I've weighed myself and noticed about a 4 pound deficit since the last time I weighed myself several months ago. I'm finally beginning to see the benefits of what I do as a natural course of constant improvement. The hunger pangs have completely subsided, though I did want to consume things this morning as I rose....but I figure part of that is due to me not having eaten enough in the last few days. My body is looking for a slight bit more, but if I satiate that, I'll be in a predicament of not being able to shed fat weight because I keep feeding the hunger pangs. To create a deficit, one must feel a bit empty; a bit of a loss....not in a bad way, but there needs to be some negative space created in order to advance the body.

     In the last few days I have been increasingly spending time canceling out negative patterns, behaviors and reactions to negative information with binaural beats. I've used them for focus, concentration and improving relationships, expanding love and joy, and finding greater wealth (which I think involves much focus, concentration and love, all the same goal focused into a product). I'm finally getting out of my own way and focusing on the things that need doing in order to be successful, and truly maximizing my time.

I was always meant to be a hard body. It was always meant for me to be able to walk about and proclaim that what I do works, and to not stop encouraging people to chip away at a DEFINABLE, MEASURABLE GOAL.

I had to put that in caps because I don't always think that people are looking at this. They are not seeing how much preparation and planning goes into manifesting and designing the architecture of a goal. People just say, "I wanna be skinny," or "I wanna be strong and toned." People don't think of the painstaking work it takes to get there, or the intense, dialed in focus and direction your trainers and coaches have to have in themselves, in order to teach it to you.

Let's face it. On a basic level, sans any intellectual or spiritual wisdom, I like feeling my abs when I touch my stomach. I like seeing them. I like grabbing my hard thighs. I like jumping higher than many others with power, grace and stamina. I enjoy being an UberHuman in the making. I get much value in other areas of my life by working this hard to see what I feel has always been meant for me to see, to experience.

No one said losing weight would be easy, or that getting lean would not involve some monk-like discipline at times, but the goal acquisition, and the life-changing moments of clarity and discovery obtained from such a journey, is well worth the struggle.

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