Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 8, 9, and emotional flowering.

Day 8 and 9 had an interesting twist to my emotional development, in the moment of a watery sign retrograde in a commonly airy mercury state. My investigations as of late have been going deeper and deeper. I am asking the hard questions of myself and of others, my actions and theirs, versus historical events that have changed the course of lives in an impactful way. I ended up talking to my kids about silent inflammation and foods that cause it. I talked about brainwashing and how it is not in the government's best interests for us to stay healthy. As a means of population control, it is easier to send damaging subconscious messages via television and other forms of flashing media, allowing those who are weak to consume on sugary snacks. After all, catch them when they young and susceptible, right?

     I feel this is a common epidemic and it only began occurring to me in the last day or two, that there are some real issues in the world to consider, and that with food out of the way, at least during a major part of a thinking day, that I have space to think about these things. Before this moment I don't think I was even interested in getting into any full scale thought about the state of our world. It only proves that food creates us. It makes us who we are and where we're going. It is the definition of how our mind thinks. If we eat clean, our thoughts seem to come out cleaner...and in the process, purify into higher states of ability. We can do more if we can think more clearly....

I also found that I came to some ground clearing revelations with emotional and spiritual development, as a result of simply having my body focus on what it does internally, as opposed to reaching outside of itself for information and fuel. The body is a pretty unique self-fueling system in itself, if you let it do what it does. I'll go into my revelations in my blog Dawn of a New Thought.

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