Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 2 Of a New Mental Clarity and some other discoveries.

9a: This new mental clarity needs to stick around for a bit, as I am thoroughly enjoying this new level of focus I feel I have this morning. Is this unlike other mornings? Is this upgraded coffee, butter and MCT oil really doing the work of numerous brain-building supplements? I just found out that I should leave the tea alone until later, at least until after I am off the fast. Sometimes being aware of something you're "supposed" to be doing makes one resistant to follow through. You know the story.

Let's look at what might be making me feel so sharp. MCT oil is touted to be an energy booster, and very little of the oil is stored as fat. That's a solid, clean-burning, carb-free energy source. Grass fed butter contains short and medium chain fatty acids, lauric acid, omega-3's, conjugated linoleic acid, and vitamin A.

10:30a: Oh wow I just want to eat something!! ANYTHING!! I'm sleepy! What's happening to me?

11a: Oh, whew. I'm okay now. I just want my lemon water. These brief waves of oddness is interesting! I've also been told that we need to ignore "hunger pangs" as well, as they are created, not real signs of hunger...or so I've been told...

12:30p: Having a dip in energyyyyy againnnnnnnnnnn..............the toughest part is to get my mind off of food. I have salmon and sweet potatoes with arugula salad waiting for me. I'm chomping at the bit...

12:45p: YES!! It's salmon, arugula and sweet potato time!

So I gather that it's only a matter of time until I train my body to respond to not eating mid-morning. Every day is different, but if that means I will be able to produce more energy from what is already contained in my tissues, that means greater fitness and physical efficiency all around. Then I will look and feel like the monster production machine I was always meant to be.

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