Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back in the Game...

I feel like I dropped out of the game for a minute, but I'm back. For me, dropping out isn't a total and complete departure though, unlike others I've known who'll take the opportunity to eat anything and everything in their pursuit for happiness, shoveling down another emotion instead of letting it release from the body by eating something cleansing and nutritive. Eating healthy is a purging of the soul that most don't see from first glance, but after looking in just a little bit deeper, they find a wealth of information underneath that surface that may just be important to one's next big discovery about themselves.

I'll use myself as an example. I just finished what I call a huge sugar binge, where I started to eat products with refined sugar and starches. I even bought a few egg muffins from said fast food institution whose name will remain unknown, in a desperate attempt to not go the day long without eating. This was the result of going to bed at night instead of packing a lunch. Something always suffers.

And then the next layer of the problem, again like most Americans, I wasn't willing to fix the situation. It seemed to occur after the purchase of my new car. This to me and my energy system was like buying a new home in another country, totally throwing me off my original game. Finances were also affected, as I was not originally planning to lay down extra funds to pay for a car. This simple fact alone changed my food on just a financial level.

Once I got everything under control again, I took myself to the grocery store at the beginning of this month. I loaded up on ahi, salmon, arugula, sweet potatoes, eggs and grass fed butter. I also bought smoothie preparation for my nutribullet with walnuts, pineapple, strawberry, mango and peaches. I made a brown fried rice with lots of green and white onions and garlic. I threw in some fluffy eggs and brought it to work with my buffalo salmon chunks, since I was craving hot sauce flavor. It came out deliciously! Along with several supplements I like taking, I think I'm back in the game.

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