Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 6: The Game Changer.

Day 6 consisted of a night where I couldn't sleep...I woke up with crazy dreams and couldn't really ever go back to sleep. That's when I decided to go for mantras, and then by morning, binaural beats. I felt an emotional overload of thoughts and feelings rise to the surface and dissipate. I am beginning to think that sugar shovels emotions down.

Next I began to think beyond my traditional precepts and started pondering transhumanism and the thought of a zombie apocalypse and I said to myself, "people really think this way?" To which I realized that maybe all great thinkers and doers have to do something different to surpass the human condition...

I mean if you really think about it, those who have gone outside themselves to attain wisdom have done well in school, but nonesuch have attained the type of wisdom that moves mountains, when one looks from within.

All my searching and wandering the earth seeking that better, more productive life has come to this one moment: everything I have, and everything I am, is more than what I ever thought I could be....I just have to find that seed, that core of discipline, (logs) and that spark (fire) to make the next phase of my existence alight with passion, truth, and the triumph of reaching the success that affords me the life I seek.

The second half of this post was brought to you by carbs. Yes, good old fashioned, sloppy dirty party carbs. Back to the fasting grind in the morn. I have goals.

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