Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grilled Cheese, if you please.

Okay so lately I've been having this mad crazy grilled cheese kick, and it's blowing my mind...and maybe my diet. Now it's made with whole grain bread and red onions, avocado, yellow peppers, and it SHOULD contain three different cheeses...although I don't think this one did, I guess I'm daydreaming about that sandwich. Either way, I've had three now.

What happened to my no gluten, no wheat thing? Because before that, I was doing quite well without any of these items in my life. So I imagine it's time to reevaluate with what I am doing and if it aligns with my highest goals of body fat reduction. So far, I'm not so sure it is. I've been experimenting and exploring with my diet for the last few months now. However, I think I've found my diet culprit. While I'm not completing sure, I don't think it really has to do with my diet at all, but my emotional and mental state towards my weight. I am having a physical block towards the success that weight loss will bring me. Here it is, my team is forming, and I can't seem to run the ball. Something has got to give. My workouts gave. My diet is giving. Now my physical body has to follow suit. No pun intended.

So I went to a holistic chiropractor, he gave me a few physical and energetic adjustments, and I've been maintaining my strength balance, meridians, range of motion and spinal flexibility. He lifted my blocks and showed me the truth of what I'm suffering from. Just like everything, we have to make our goals a priority.

This week I have faithfully returned to my apples and bananas, my nightly greens, cucumbers, avocado a day, protein shake, yogurt, cottage cheese and egg whites with onions. I never really left it, I just got a little overwhelmed schedulewise with cooking last week. I don't feel I have to give up my cheese, but I have to time my meals and make smart choices.