Thursday, October 24, 2013

Intermittent Fasting Gone Mad.

     I didn't plan on only eating two apples at 2p and dancing for two hours before getting to a handful of peanuts at 7p. The great part about this is that I finally reached my goal of waiting to eat until 2p. I was so excited, because on Tuesday I felt hunger around noon and by 12:45p, gave in to my emotions. After all, really, eating is a desire to eat, not always a physiological response to needing food. One can learn much about the psychology of eating when one is in a deficit, but it often be difficult to focus on when the body is responding to old messages such as "I always eat at this time, so feed me, please."

     Maybe science is finding that the old adage of eat on a schedule, even if one is not hungry, is actually an incorrect approach when it comes to food. Also if one has spent their life dieting, or has any kind of predisposition to illness, the body may have spent some time in a metabolically challenged or damaged state. Furthermore, it seems to be the case that eating is a recreational event where if there is any downtime between the person and an activity or task, sometimes food can conveniently intersect the event, creating a distraction from actually attaining success at that task.

By 9p, I began my trek home, but it wasn't until almost 10p that I cooked two fried eggs and enjoyed them immensely. That's all I had. Amazing. It seems to me that my body is acclimating to eat its own body fat for fuel with no issues at all whatsoever. Oh how I love that.

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