Monday, November 11, 2013

A Change in Schedule...Deviant Bulletproof behavior.

The third weekend was met with birthday surprises, inadvertently throwing me off my bulletproof regimen. I had no idea my coworker friend would sugar bomb me with a delicious mango cheesecake friday, and some fried rice and honey walnut shrimp on Sunday. Whatever sugars I consumed in those two days threw me into a tizzy, one in which about a week was lost while climbing back onto schedule. Lucky for me, I'm human and I err, so it made it alot easier to make a mistake without drilling what was left of my discipline into the ground. Though I did not excuse myself and say "oh that's okay, you can always come back," I documented the shift and it was noticeable. I didn't feel quite as optimal as I had prior to that perfectly fasted moment. But even that would take a few days, so the next level had not even quite begun...

The following week came with yet more surprises that I should more closely document. Sometimes they are subtle and sometimes they are vast. Either way, I feel changes in my mood and physiology, when I eat different foods. As I've become more accustomed to eating fish again, I have noticed that I've thought of steak on more than one occasion...and then when I finally realized that I was eating ahi tuna as a form of meaty steak-like sustenance, I decided I may need to consider more than just the tuna....

In my life today, I am asking the question "why" to the foods I choose and what I decide is okay to consume. I'm looked at among my friends as an explorative eater. (You may want to question my motives should I begin to consume insects.) I'm not really like the people who live a primal life, feasting on organ meats, nor am I the vegan/vegetarian righteous one who perfectly preserves the life of the animal. I've never been the astute, well disciplined guru, nor the to-the-letter dieter who's planning for a fitness competition. Even in the fact that I am currently alive and breathing, could be considered a deviation in itself, as, according to my mom, I would not have lived if it were not for the doctor that refused to lose another child that belonged to her. I guess I've been deviant since the very beginning.

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