Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bulletproof Experiment.

I have to say that Dave Asprey is a genius. Whoever can put together that something like yak butter tea could work in the real world is brilliant. And, they also have a lot of common sense. Just like fur keeps an animal warm in winter, so would eating extra fats increase fat metabolism. Right? Well maybe not to everyone, but if it works for those in the Tibetan mountainous terrain, it can work for us all. Probably. Well we'll see. But we have faith.

I am fully ready to chronicle my bulletproof journey. I just purchased my MCT oil and upgraded coffee. I was so excited that I made a frothy cup at 8p! Of course I didn't eat my usual dinner at that point...but had a little something after about 4 hours. I know. Look, I'm being completely honest. I was up late prep cooking for the next few days and I didn't know when I'd get the next chance, so I decided to burn the midnight oil. Don't judge, yo.

After falling asleep at 1:30a, I woke up to a burning hot stomach at 6:15a. My whole body heated up like a furnace! The first thing I thought was, I'm bulletproofing! Well not quite, but my metabolism was definitely kicked up. I made myself a fresh cup and bought into the idea of grass-fed butter in my cup o' joe. Woah. Grass fed butter. And I'm not even really a Paleo girl! I saw my avantgarde ways in that moment.

Today went quite well, and I was impressed with the idea of me fasting through until 2p. I would have thought I would be famished, but I actually wasn't, and could have made it until 2p. I broke the fast at 1p due to a school lunch party. That would certainly save on meal prepping for school, now wouldn't it? The idea of bringing two, hot and frothy mugs to get me through the morning, along with tea and lemon water, seemed like a hell of a plan.

I see now why it is imperative that only the upgraded products be used. I admit that I tried to bulletproof organic store brand coffee and coconut oil, as I was way too excited to try the buttery combination, but it only ended in weird burping and grumbling that deeply concerned me and had me running for food by 11a. Was it the fasted state? Stopping eating by 8p? (Not sure I even did that.) Or maybe it was the idea that I no longer had to run to find food at my conference period anymore. Relying on a cup of low toxin, caffeinated bliss has its perks.

Today's cup was pure brilliance. This is an experiment I will want to see all the way through. Well, I'm not convinced it will lead this newly turned pescetarian into a grass-fed beef eater, disavowing all carbs as I had once done in the past, but it may just shave a few pounds off my winter physique, circa 2004...

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