Sunday, October 20, 2013

Days 3,4,5, and the Odd change in Thinking.

Day 3 was fantastic. I had a ton of energy and did not think much about food...well, maybe just a little. My mind really went through a process of discovery with what I was doing and what it could do for me. My thoughts did not go too far beyond my food and how I felt though.

Day 4 turned into a long stretch where I didn't get a meal until 2:30p or so...Friday was just tough all around because I kept zoning out. All that mental clarity of the days before had fallen into a mush by the time I returned. I couldn't wait to get to my meal and so had a handful of cashews by noon. That held me over until I got home. I felt my creativity peak, and I was definitely more excited about making new things happen, especially in my classroom.

Day 5 was a sleeping in and a joy to behold because I got to 4p before I had my first meal. I taught yoga in the morning and was actually hoping to practice with my students, but not this morn, though it was definitely an enlightening conversation.
 Honestly I couldn't get to my meal before then so it worked out. I did have a kombucha though at noon, and that seemed to work well. I ate fish and cauliflower leftovers. 

One of the things I really started to notice was that I was eager to learn about my life, my experiment, and what performance enhancement could do for me. I must have listened to about three shows in that day alone, and my brain was bristling with new information. I have lots of friends to discuss health with. I have been feeling encouraged to jump back into the driver's seat and pick up some new clients.

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