Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday Night Food Window.

10:57p: I realize that the food window that I am supposed to observe is supposed to close at 8p, and yet I have so much to do that a hot meal is inconceivable once I arrive home...I'm working out until then. It's the only time window I have on a regular basis, so I have to shorten the number of hours I spend in a fast until I can control my schedule a little better. I have to check my notes to see if the difference between 16 and 18 hours in a fasted state makes an important difference.

1a: When most mere mortals would go to bed, I am still awake. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. However it becomes an issue when one adds two fried eggs and a red apple to the equation. I'm thinking this is an awesome little meal, and  the world is really not far off my ideas, if it weren't for my goals. But I push ahead, and feel that the weekend may prove to land on my schedule differently than was originally thought.

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