Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Turkey Talk...

Wow. Just wow.

I ate my first slice of turkey last night (you know what comes next) after 14 years. Yes. Turkey. Wow. Really Connie? What is compelling you? My whole family asked. I told them it just seemed like it was time. That's the same way I started dating Mike, the same way I conceived Kai, the same way I went into teaching. Everything I've ever done, especially important, just seemed like it was time to take care of. And so I did.

I want everyone to know that this was a long and tough decision for me. I involved all who would listen. I involved the nutritionally educated meat eaters and the vegans. Everyone had a chance to input their feelings on the situation. And everytime I asked myself if I was sure. That's what kept me pescetarian one more day.

And then it happened.

I think what made me try turkey last night was my sister. She seemed happy that I was rejoining the carnivorously inclined, and I thought, "no sis. I'm not going back to eating how the family does, but back to healthy and clean meats that had a nice life, more or less, and didn't die under a major amount of stress." That would change the flavor quality of the meat anyhow.

I don't know what made me do it, except for the compelling research that kept me on the edge of my seat about all the nutrients I wasn't getting, and how I should at least look into supplementation. But that's the problem with supplementation. There's no real logical reason, except for experimentation, that we aren't getting our nutrients from the soil. But if we have healthy farms with healthy foundations and humane butchering practices, (*gulp*, still makes me feel nauseous) with a 100 percent grass fed and finished animal, our bodies will come out all the healthier.

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