Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pancake Hacking, Kitchen Hacking, Nonsense Hacking.

 Everything seems to need hacking these days.

In fact I wished some people would have their mouths hacked. Ah, but I digress (almost).

Nowadays when I see a pancake made with flour, after years of licking my lips and contemplating the first buttery bite I ask myself, why? With this question I can now rule my world. To satisfy my sometimes present pancake lust, I bought some almond flour and worked it out with some organic heavy whipping cream and eggs. With a pinch of salt, this alone justified my pancake. After smoothing a small dollop of honey butter cream on my fluffy treat, never again would I even so much as need to consider any other fattier, more carb-ridden option than this.

In the kitchen I hacked away at tossing things out that no longer made sense to be in my midst. I looked onto my refrigerator shelves and found condiments, foods and bottles of undone, unopened or uninteresting options that clearly hadn't yet seen the trash can, but meant to jump in a long time ago. This part was easily done. I thought I had the healthiest oils in my kitchen and down to a science, but after hearing Dave's thoughts on it, I decided to take another course of action and stop consuming a majority of vegetable oils. I'm down to coconut oil, MCT oil and grass fed butter. In fact I was so concerned about having enough for my morning cup that I grabbed two packs of butter the last time I was at the store. I've never eaten more butter in my life and lost weight from such madness....but it definitely explains my deeper, inner knowing craving butter for so many years without knowing exactly why.

Growth is always about doing something slightly or even majorly uncomfortable in order to get crazy awesome results from something you don't normal obtain such successful joy from...and you're sick of not attaining that state, finally.

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