Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your Reasons for Wanting Weight Loss

If you're not doing it for you, who are you doing it for? And if you can't honestly answer that question, it's time to look in just a little bit deeper. Most people say they want to lose body fat and build sexy muscle but they say that it's for them. Once I talk to them for just a little bit longer, I find out that they had a bad situation with a relationship, emotional or physical abuse history, childhood weight issues, or felt that they should look like the skinny standard represented on television and film. This is what we are dealing with today, in groves.

I spoke to a great counselor friend of mine yesterday about my personal fitness goals. We had a wonderful conversation about how the mind and preexisting thoughts, feelings and behaviors are already in place before  reacting to a craving and taking that first bite. It seemed to go in line with what I teach about feeling the vibration of the food. The thing is, the deprogramming must first be in place with each individual involved.

I realized that just recently, I was allowing my weight to quietly and slowly slide upward. After checking my thyroid and other physiological factors, I saw that everything was fine, except for my diet. So what was it to be eating and feeling as if I was eating a healthy diet while the scale increased? After all, the average human gains an average of 1.5 pounds per year by eating 300 carbs daily, and I'm sure we can add or subtract and look at athletic exceptions as well. Once I changed my diet, the scale started immediately sliding back down by 3 pounds in the first week. But why did I want to lose weight? Why do I still want this?

When I think of weight loss, I think of losing body fat in order to see more beautiful cuts, the product of the incredibly intense workouts I put in on a weekly basis. This may be why any avid exerciser would want to lose. Most of all, I enjoy the abundant health I experience from staying very active.But there was a time when I would have said that wanting to see cuts was out of vanity. Doesn't it ultimately show the peak of physical health, mental discipline and spiritual stability? Not to discourage people who don't see things in this way, but we all have to find reasons for wanting to actually see pounds melting away. For me, it's simply a result of weight I no longer needed.


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  2. Wow Kavin, that is quite a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much! Please let me know the type of information you might want to read about. I'll do my research and get back to you! Thanks again.