Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Too Alkaline, now too acidic. Back to the Drawing board.

I went to my holistic chiropractor appointment today and I noticed a few new things I had developed.

Firstly, my weight is going down the scale (yay!). I definitely see a difference in both the way I look and feel. Mike said I looked skinny tonight. (Now you know I like hearing that.) I've reduced my "junk" nutrition (at the moment, that would be grains, mostly, except for this weekend). Doc did a Ph test on me and I came out acidic. Now I know for sure, that this is due to several things. Would you like to see all the reasons I know why I went acidic?

1) I eat fish now, and lately, a bit more than I normally would, as I had cut grain carbs and thought to increase proteins grams of real food. Any protein, especially flesh product, will register as acidic.
2) I have been drinking strong coffee the last two weeks. I knew I was feeling a change in my body and I needed to adjust.
3) I hadn't any kombucha.
4) I reintroduced bread and sugar the last few days.
5) I hadn't had much green tea lately.

Okay so this is the complete list. When I look at what my diet once was, it makes much sense. At that time I was too alkaline, or at least I didn't need to worry about my ph levels. Now, since I've discovered this new information, I realize that animal products do quite a lot to raise that acid level in my body, and how since I should be done "experimenting" and hunting for the best fish at the moment, I can focus on really piling in the salad greens and cucumbers, zucchini etc.

I'm feeling good! Okay, so I know how to fix this, and it won't be tough. I am losing weight and creating a deficit, and sometimes my body tries to find those food calories to feast on so my weight doesn't go down. The darn body is always trying to attain homeostasis. That works both for us and against us at times.

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