Sunday, March 3, 2013

Contemplations on Warrior-style eating

I'm told that the Roman soldiers would go all day without as much as a few nuts or seeds before returning home from the warring fields for his nightly feast, which was filled to the brim with meats and fruits and grains. I'm not thinking that there was much dairy at the time, but in ancient Rome, there was olive oil and bread, for sure.

Anyway all this to say that there is this theory going around about an eating style where the participant eats very little food during the day and has the main brunt of their caloric intake at night before, yes, bedtime. How does this approach actually appease the appetite and satisfy the fitness enthusiast who goes for their nightly workout, without having much food in the system?

Ori Hokmekler said that this diet came to him one day while in the Israeli special forces. He noticed that he felt more energy crashes during the day when he was eating 5 to 6 meals. When he and others began waiting for that moment where they could rest their digestion, he would eat that evening meal and would feel much better than before. This is where he got the idea to develop the Warrior diet.

I feel that some of my day cannot include a heavy meal, but I seem to have to develop a modified plan when approaching my meals. So I'll eat plain Greek yogurt and almonds, apples with peanut butter and a protein shake during the day, I won't eat an actual meal until after I work out, and this plan seems to work well. The only contention I have is carbohydrate loading. It seems to work much better to have a fruit carb as opposed to a grain, and even then, it has to be when I have had a low carb load during the day. Otherwise, veggie carbs are allowed but nothing else in the evening for me at this point. We will call it my most recent experiment.