Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We all emotionally eat...My Big Opinion.

...Okay. So I'm sitting here, thinking of the last sugary thing I ate, and laughing at how rebellious I can be about my food at times. I also realize that all of us can be rebels when we choose it. It is a matter of knowing when the choice is conscious, and when it is unconscious.

I know that I was feeling a loss of sweetness in my life at the moment I felt a craving creep up for sugar. I also knew that I needed more protein, and had eaten less of it over the course of the last 24 hours. Well I read the energy right, but I simply ignored it, and chose to feed my emotion, rather than feed the regimen I'm on to achieve the results I truly want out of my body. After all, I'm getting ready for photos! Gotta be lean...I even bought a bag of carrots most recently to feed my sugar urge.

So what was going on when the sugar urge hit: Physiologically, I had celebrated that past weekend with a little alcoholic imbibement...this led to a surge and drop in blood sugar levels. Emotionally: I had some issues with my partner. Sugar! Missing the sweetness in life! Louise L. Hay has an affirmation for this one. She writes: "This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today. I now choose to make my life light and easy and joyful." (I put two together.) Mentally: "I want sugar, and I will have it because I'm rebellious!" Spiritually: I didn't do enough meditation, and I definitely needed to do some yoga. I also may not have journalled that day. For me, all of these things are very important to offset my childhood urges for sugar, which began at birth. ...
What do mommies give their babies when they are upset? Sugar. What is given as rewards for good behavior? Sugar. What is considered dessert food? Sugar. What is in all processed, packaged, fast foods?
Sugar. What is the first thing that drops when you realize you're famished? Sugars. Don't tell me we don't all emotionally eat. It has to be connected to SOMETHING.

So here's my thought: since eating has been a part of our lives since our humble beginnings, just like our DNA, then there is no way that we haven't connected our emotions to what we consume, as it such a sensitive topic for so many, and because we feel such satisfaction from eating particular foods. Many of us also understand that emotions are the window to our soul's walk, so it is important to listen to the messages our emotions bring us, for they tell us a great deal about ourselves. Ultimately, it is about a reprogramming of this emotional trigger and tendency, to allow our souls the joy of choosing a food because it is good for us and not because it feeds our emotions...though I do have to say, sometimes a little celebration is pretty awesome! Namaste.

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