Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday Detox by Day, Splurge by Night.

What originally began as a light, cleansing day, quickly turned into nighttime deliciousness.

I can honestly say I have not reported a night like this in some time, but I thought it interestingly balancing to share, that having a nice cleanout before an indulgent meal has its place. The day started out as any other day. I haven't taken to eating much in the mornings anymore, and so I leisurely slept through some of this. However, after being up for a couple of hours, around 12 or 1p I decided to eat a huge bowl of broccoli rabe. You can believe that this vegetable sauteed in coconut oil, lemon pepper and sea salt, and slightly toasted in some areas, was the treat of the day. At first.
After consuming two heads of broccoli rabe, I made a small piece of tilapia and flounder (about 38g of protein total). I was relieved to see that flounder was low in mercury, but some of the fishing practices for flounder were either contradictory or controversial, so I think I'll go back and do more research before purchasing again, even though it is a delicious and light piece of fish. With the fish, I prepared a glass of lemon water, and put some detoxing herbs in. Actually it tasted quite refreshing. A good, clean job well done a short time later, and I felt light as a cloud.

A few friends started on dinner plans, as my night became free. We decided on the Cheesecake Factory. Well this certainly blew my mind, as I hadn't been out anywhere in a while, and not in that price range, and I couldn't remember whether I had really enjoyed the food (except for the avocado rolls, decadent and exquisite, though wrapped in refined flour). They brought out a basket of that molasses bread (is Outback in cahoots with Cheesecake Factory?), and I quickly ordered to avoid much consumption of it.

The real treat was dinner. I chose a BBQ grilled salmon dish with mashed potatoes, onion rings in a very thin batter and corn succotash. I say pass on okra-type things, as they are slimy! Ugh! I instead went for kale and a drizzle of olive oil. I had my black lava sea salt with me and ate half my potatoes for the iodine while passing the onions around. I dipped my fork into a few cheesecake selections with a small cup of coffee, but not my own, and called it a night.

The grilled salmon and kale was the real win, because I didn't know I could choose any vegetable to go with my fish, which was perfect. They took real care to cook and serve the meal, and I felt really well taken care of. Then my friend had a little fun to support me as he knew I was a little down. Something made me mention birthdays during the random conversation, and suddenly a group of waiters came out to sing happy birthday to me in the middle of March!! Oh what surprise and fun was my merry unbirthday, and so fitting, as we saw Oz afterwards. So a delightful and rather healthy day was had by all, and I didn't even feel too poorly about the splurging.

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