Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Do not eat diet chocolate, and other holiday woes.


     This is a short public message to alert and advise all interested citizens of the known world,  that if you plan to enjoy any chocolate at all, please do so with moderation,  and the hope that you will consume the real deal.

     This summer I was sugar free but one of the things I didn't want to give up was chocolate, dear chocolate. Ah, chocolate....

     But yet and still, I stuck to my diet, much to my dismay. I was saddened by two ideas: one, that I had no chocolate. Two, that not having chocolate saved me no calories in the end, and I was still needing to lose weight. so I guess I'm making a new pledge to honor my craving no matter what silly regimen I may be on.
     Let me tell you what I did to satisfy my chocolate fix: I ate that fake chocolate from Russell Stovers. Of course it was delicious and low in carbs! The problem was that it was filled with those sugars that would have been okay had the sweetener not twisted my system to the point where it was no longer fun to eat something that questionable for my system. I'm also thinking that it depletes essential nourishment from our bodies. Plus, there are so many wonderful nutrients in chocolate that it is a crime not to eat when the mood hits (unless you cannot control yourself, new topic). Let the lesson be the one where, if you don't have six hours to spend on the toilet,  diet chocolate may not be for you.

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