Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Break up to make up.

Okay intestines.

     Now is the moment of truth. Let's see if you can stand being empty long enough to manage some other new cleansing processes the body would someday like to undergo, if only you would allow it that. Do you think you can manage it? Or will you fill it soon after with the highest, yummiest, fattiest food possible? Sure it isn't "bad" food, but zucchini smothered in Romano and butter may after Awhile start to register as the good ole fat you know and love. Yes. There is a limit that everyone needs to find, especially if the goal is fat loss....

     I know that we spend our whole vacation trying to undo all the good work we've done. We spend our holiday eating ourselves into a certain oblivion. But before that, we were sure that we were gonna make it this time, that we would be good and true to ourselves. Then what gives?

     We step into this universal arc of surrender and we begin to think we need to do this poor eating thing because it's our last chance  and that we will be unable to ever eat this crap again, because at no other time in the  year will it be acceptable to consume. ..and that gives people stress...because they implant such unrealistic ideas that they make themselves tired and give up soon after. The whole idea of the diet becomes obsolete. ..but it doesn't have to.

     Some of us like the diet roller coaster. It gives us something to strive for in an otherwise dismal world of "dirty food ." Or we can stay happy and faithful to a relationship with food that will never let us down, if we can manage moderating our excessive desires to lose control at every holiday. 

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