Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let's just try one...more...thing...

...before I do something crazy, like take something special, for fat loss. It's the taboo subject in a clean eater's mind, that gets frustrated after a long stretch of attempts that leads to the chaotic desperation slowly creeps up and takes over your brain, then you start to wonder what your goals are and why...

What's so wrong with wanting to be leaner, fitter and lower in body weight? Why am I a bit concerned at what people think of me? Why has my yoga button, though pushed, not seem to be working properly? I'm really wanting maximum advantage in this game, and trying just one more method, one more food, one more exercise, one more supplement, more restriction...until the balance is lost, and now time will be spent crawling back to the cherry spot where fat loss was the norm.
Now I'm questioning my thyroid because of not even incremental weight loss, fatigue and exhaustion, although I could have caused my endocrine system a lot of stress by heavy dieting. People just say to go to bed at night. 

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