Sunday, July 14, 2013

That mysterious Peruvian Sauce tastes amazing on many things.

....I haven't tried it on oatmeal. That might not work.

Ah, the secret for the ingredients in this Peruvian sauce seems like a long search for many. I just remember frequenting El Pollo Inka with my then hubby, in Redondo Beach or Hermosa? Maybe it was the border. I would ask about the sauce and I was once told of its contents by a nice waitress. Or wait, maybe she didn't give me the whole list. She told me it contained lettuce and jalapenos. Since I got the Nutribullet, I thought it would be absolutely awesome to make the sauce and really break open the nutrients in this sauce, so it would become even more potent for me healthwise. I love my Nutribullet, but I think this gem of a blender deserves its own post.

I  don't often follow recipes so I hadn't even tried looking up the sauce prior to making it. I just remembered what the waitress said, and was intent on trying it. Funny that it has taken me this long to get to it. I mean, we are talking years. Seriously?

This is what I decided my sauce should have: 1 full head of  iceberg lettuce, 3 large jalapenos, I Mexican green onion (the one with the big bulb, or maybe just add extra green onions), 4 cloves of garlic, and lettuce. That's it! I cut the ingredients and blended down most of the lettuce before putting the onion, garlic and jalapenos in. Salt was very last. I allowed my tongue to guide that process.

Once the sauce was made, I took such great delight in eyeing this beauty of a sauce! It looks so bright, fresh and green. It is amazing in taste and goes well with a variety of dishes calling for a flavorful, spicy element. It also adds that boost of water, fiber and minerals, selenium in particular, comes to mind.

Here's my flageolet bean and cabbage dish with my version of the sauce.

But I should reveal to you what I think most people are talking about when they refer to that Peruvian sauce. But I could be wrong. I also could have been mislead on its ingredients! Either way, my sauce was amazing, and I can build on it or even try this recipe I'm about to post, because it sounded delicious as the one I made.

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