Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soupy Soup, not Stew, Which I usually make.

The stew I had been so known for making, has become soup.

It's almost like a graduation. Anyone can make a stew and put too many ingredients, bulking up the stock and filling the bowl with saucy goodness, but can one make a soup delicate enough to be served alongside a meal but hearty enough to be called a meal if it came down to it?

I found a balance to those two things and I didn't even have to call mom or find a recipe to get this balance. I guessed, which is even more fun. I sat down with the following ingredients and proceeded to chop myself into a certain food-induced bliss while listening to Anne Marie Colbin and her lecture on mostly bone health, the nature of cravings and bio-individuality as it applies to the five elements theory of Chinese Medicine.

It was a meditation while I listened to the funny and choppy voice of Colbin. Okay was someone going to give me a heads up on how tough it is to chop into a celery root? Wow, delicious flavor, much smoother and mellower than celery, but so hard to get into. The same commentary is reserved for kohlrabi, whose leftovers I sauteed and served with flounder and black rice. Kohlrabi has a great flavor and crunch, but it is almost impossible to chop.

My other ingredients I threw in were yellow onions, carrots, garlic, parsley,  thyme and coconut oil. I let them sweat in the oil before throwing them into a vegetable stock I flavored with just a shake or so of red pepper and garlic powder, and a little salt at the end. It's nice to rely more on flavor these days, as the mineral richness adds much flavor. This was a very kidney balancing blend. In fact I've got extra for dinner this evening.

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