Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flowering Kale and related living things.

I just bought some flowering kale for 7.99...

I don't know that much about it yet. But here's a few things I can report on.

1) It's beautiful, for kale. I mean, kale is pretty in itself, but otherwise, who would think to buy it for beauty?
2) It looks like a huge purple green rose that's going to eat you, though you can eat it. You know, Feed me, Seymour. Feed me all night long.
3) It's edible. Completely. I'm wondering if I can grow it for dinner. That'd be cool.
4) Kale is from the cabbage family? I did not know that. Family Brassica. Okay.
5) There are different varieties! That is just too awesome.
6) The guys at Whole Foods didn't know a whole lot about it, and they work with produce, so I officially don't feel that bad about never really knowing.
7) Here's an article on flowering kale. This woman knew a little more about it than I do.

Okay so then I purchase it and put it in a vase, though what I really wanna do is pour some dressing on it. I'm thinking that it may grow larger though. So when I returned home after the space of about two hours, it seemed to be larger. This could also be my imagination. After all, humans are delusional.

Now I found this absolutely gorgeous site that gives lovely pictures and information regarding this new kale creature. Saturday is kale day. All things green go into my mouth, except for spoiled things and things that probably shouldn't. Here's that second site I told you about.

Now go have yourself a kalerific day, and when you eat kale, think of me.


  1. Connie you are amazing and even make Kale interesting. I love how this Kale looks and I also know that it is good for your bones. It is also Anti-Inflammatory,Fights Cancer, Heart-healthy, Vitamins: It's rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C and Antioxidant: Kale has two of the most powerful superstar antioxidants, carotenoids and flavonoids.

    You girl have a great day, here is Kale to ya!

    1. Nice Denise! Here you are, bringing up all the nutritive reasons to consume the plant, when I was using it for environmental purposes! ha! Smartypants! I appreciate your support and love Denise!