Saturday, May 18, 2013

Living the grain carb reduced life.

Ahh, how I miss my grain carbs. And I wonder, if this is the case that I miss them, will I run to eat a batch? Is this what makes me think I want a hot stack of whole grain pancakes, or is it that I need to up my starchy vegetable carbs and I'll be content? This is the current musing I am walking into on this Saturday morning, as I contemplate a redo on my diet, while continuing to attain a loss in body fat.

My chiropractor said that the warrior style of eating may have been too harsh, but I haven't seen any better or worse results for my troubles. I'm beginning to wonder why this weight is so stubbornly sticking with me, and how my tests are not showing my thyroid as having any issues.   I guess it's time to dig a little deeper...but yet, maybe my hips and thighs are completely perfect as they are and need no revision, just continual time under tension. maybe the consistent healthy diet and body manipulations are all I need.

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