Monday, December 3, 2012

Thinking of Going Wheat-free, then Gluten-free for a while.

I realize how much resistance I have to any nutritional plan that remotely resembles a diet. Here's why. I spent most of my early years ensconced in the ways of Dr. Atkins. I yo-yo'd myself to the brink of despair, feeling fat almost everyday of my life. I know I wasn't too different from the others. But something had to give...interestingly enough, though not a surprising fact, it was part of the reason for my going vegetarian, was just a complete rebellion from all things related to Dr. Atkins. I didn't like that man, though he let me eat a lot of fat and carcass. Mmm. But he wouldn't let me have any cakes, pies or doughnuts. This should have been a good thing, if it weren't for the Sweet n' Low sweetened sorghum breads and carrot cakes. They tasted egg-y and saccharin-y...not a good combo. As a young woman jones'n for a bite of something sweet, that was all they had in dieter's jail.

So today I entertain the idea of going wheat and gluten-free because I've been on quite the heavy balanced and varietal diet of foods spanning all realms. I just seriously need a food vacation, and not because of Thanksgiving. I've been needing one since a couple of months ago, and in particular last month, where I simply started feeling the urge to cleanse my digestive tract. I was feeling full.

I feel better now, as I've done quite a few things to jog my system into play. Cucumbers are incredibly remarkable tools of digestive exiting, for example. But what can I really eat? This alone was my main concern.
This is what I had found out on my new sojourn: Here's an A to Z list of gluten-free foods.

Secondly, based on what I had found, would my sore muscles be to a lesser extent or a thing of the past without wheat? I also read that it would promote mental clarity.

Now, if I were to go gluten-free, I have already noticed packages that are being very clear about our gluten-free thoughts in mind!! Here are some gluten-free foods.

Gluten-free grains:

• Amaranth
• Brown, white, and wild rice
• Buckwheat
• Corn
• Millet
• Quinoa
• Teff

 My search continues. The mystery ensues.

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