Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chronicles #6: Detox Detailing

As promised, here is a bit more insight into my thoughts as a woman preparing for a detox. I'm coming to this after years of grappling and being diligent with diet. Here we go.

1) Prepare your mind, body and spirit for a detox.
**Simply, don't go in there empty-handed!! Have a plan: a mental plan, an emotional support plan, a spiritual plan. These can be in the form of journalling, meditation, talking to friends going through the same trials, positive self-talk, a contemplative "fall back" state, when things seem to slide, or altogether go wrong.

2) Detoxing is a mind-body-spirit activity, not just a cleansing of your internal organs.
**EVERYTHING is releasing, not just the physical intestinal tubing. All koshas will cleanse. You will think and feel differently, act differently, and sense your world in a more compassionate, sensitive way.

 3)EVERYTHING will release. Eventually.

4) Journal your thoughts and feelings. Remember them. Remember how the toxic food made you feel.

5) Surround yourself with people who are aligned with your goal. Either that, or suffer every other person offering you a latte and candy bar.
**It's kind of like getting the Negative Nellys away from your goal. Even if the person doesn't mean to rub it in your face that they are about to eat six double whoppers, if that's your favorite food, don't let them affect your mood. And if it comes down to it, avoid them altogether, until your goal is accomplished.

6) Failure is not an option.
**Did you hear that? Or should I say, did you read that? If you were to go off your detox, go right back on and don't skip a beat. You'll probably feel the regret of having done this through the way your system will feel, but it will be a valuable lesson.

7) Going gradually will allow your mind to accept the plethora of steps and changes you will really be going through. It's an internal transformation.
**Changing your lifestyle, after living it for a number of years, is not something you can change overnight. While this is an obvious statement, it's always scary when someone goes into a lifestyle plan all gangbusters and you already know the outcome, mostly because you already did it. And it didn't work.

8) Know the goal. Truely.
**Write it out and talk about it with the right people. Shop about it: take someone you love  to the store with a grocery list and recipes. Get creative while frugal and get one food item that can work six ways, for example.

9) Be public about it, for accountability purposes.
**The more people know about it, the sillier you feel, and the more incomplete you feel, if you don't accomplish the goal.

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