Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chronicles #5: Boxing with Detoxing

Here is the unadulterated truth about fasting: I don't really want to do it.
Yes, there, I said it. I am probably in alignment with many of us who just have a resistance to giving up anything that has been an important survival tool in our lives to this point, and many of us really believe it. Meanwhile, I'm one of those types that, even after studying EVERYTHING, have come to the conclusion that fasting isn't for me, and that I'll rule it out.
Well, I've been wrong all of these years. The fact harder to face was that it was simply hard for me to fast. Now, I'm not talking about anything too extreme, but I am talking about something that makes me mildly uncomfortable. In the past anyway, I had to worry about my blood sugar taking a serious nose dive. I don't worry about this anymore because I've cleaned up my diet so diligently.

If I didn't have a middle name, it would be "sugar addict." Yes, it's true, I've been addicted to as many sweet things as possible, and thank goodness it has completely improved. Now having realized that sugar is the key to illness (I've known this for some time, try since I was 9), I set myself on a course to look sugar in the face and send it packing. I think I'll save this next chronicle for a more detailed look at sugar.

Anyway, I'm finally ready to make the change, but gradually. In fact, for all those who have done a cold-turkey fast, I have something to say to you: this is not a good idea. The system and all of its toxins are not ready for if you're ready to feel like real hell and risk other forms of internal damage, then go ahead and do things aggressively. It would be like working out for 3 hours your first time out. Not a long-term solution by any means.

There are some things I've learned this past few weeks on detoxing. This is a baseline. detoxing is a science.

1) Prepare your mind, body and spirit for a detox.
2) Detoxing is a mind-body-spirit activity, not just a cleansing of your internal organs.
 3)EVERYTHING will release. Eventually.
4) Journal your thoughts and feelings. Remember them. Remember how the toxic food made you feel.
5) Surround yourself with people who are aligned with your goal. Either that, or suffer every other person offering you a latte and candy bar.
6) Failure is not an option.
7) Going gradually will allow your mind to accept the plethora of steps and changes you will really be going through. It's an internal transformation.
8) Know the goal. Truely.
9) Be public about it, for accountability purposes.

I'll go into detail about the steps I've talked about in my next one...Namaste.

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