Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chronicles #3: Having a Moment

So, I think I'm having a moment.

It's one of those moments where I feel awesome and confident, workouts are super consistent, I'm feeling strong, then fat, weak and insecure. Then I feel I'm on a losing streak, then I feel I sabotage it with eating. Then I feel I'm laughing all the way to fat loss, then I'm cycling up on hormones, nearing my menstrual cycle. Blessed and distressed, all at once!

...And so far, I see that this is completely, wonderfully normal, amongst us all.

It's not just reserved for the women, either. Have you ever dated a bodybuilder? If you thought you worried about your body, imagine someone who criticizes themselves way more deeply than you can even imagine yourself critiquing. For that matter, let's throw other athletes into that same mix, and you have a mix of people, that's everybody, who has a moment or two, or fifteen.

What I have found in my years as a dancer is...
1) No one critiques you as hard as you do. No one.
2) It never looks as bad as you think it does.
3) If people love you, they love all of you.
4) Only hang around people you love.
5) Your body only swells if you're eating something toxic.

....wait a minute. And here I thought it was hormones.
You see, it is hormones. And it isn't. Here's the deal. Sometimes we eat and set off certain hormones and chemicals, igniting a sound symphony of chemical responses in the brain. Brain says, "okay. Let's have more of that." You have more of that, then, on top of all the hydration needs you have which goes up in extreme temperatures, and you have one dehydrated, dirty cell girl (or dude) that needs a bit of flushing, instead of more toxic food (take flour, for instance). Any food that causes you an allergic reaction, desire to consume caffeine, fatigue, or bloating/swelling or aching of the joints, is a TOXIN. The toxins build and try desperately to protect the organs from stressing, thereby resulting in weight gain.

Want to have more moments? Just keep eating these things.

I proved it to myself recently that I was doing the right thing by keeping my diet free of anything involving much baked goods, even by way of whole grain bread. So once I decided the coast was clear, three or so weeks later, coupled with the feeling of being sometimes sleepy, and I realize I may be eating too much flour and in my case, dairy, a sign of a toxic overload.
So sure, you're gonna feel a bit underwhelmed by letting go of this food...but what if letting go was the best thing you had ever done? Once you're over  your anger and resistance to this "fun" you think you were having in your life, you'll realize how much healthier and leaner you look and feel. The body is just like a balloon. Put more air in it and it'll just explode, at some point.

The good news about your body is, you can usually return from the overage.

Discipline is such an excellent concept to deeply grasp. Once you fully understand all the mechanics of discipline, you will begin to benefit from it...the diligence is so rewarding.

Work in Progress,

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