Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feel your Food.

What if you were to tap into your deepest level of discipline, take a quiet body scan, see what is going on inside of you without any judgment, poured a particular something in, and listened again? What do you think you would find?

I really think I opened up a can of worms with this one, because I proved to myself that listening would help me hear something. So I did. I did not want to eat cheese and white flour, so I took the kids to our city's wednesday night food truck fun and realized that eating out is mostly for those who aren't too concerned about their weight or health. At least that's how I felt after walking away from the trucks with a cheese quesadilla with a white flour tortilla and pinto beans. ...What??? Did I think they'd use a whole grain tortilla in the middle of Sunland? Well this might be what Sunland needs...

When that first mental note is hit, "I'm hungry," it usually sets off a chain of physical, reactionary events that cause one to make some hasty choices. Instead, listening to the mind speak of hunger, and feeling the physiological actions that follow, become a deeper breath, a widening of the eyes, and a lowering of the ear to the ground, in order to know what the body, mind and spirit, is really asking for.

Once you make the move to achieve a hot plate of something, place your hands over the edible subject, and feel its vibrations, revealing the power and energy that is contained in the food, that will become you, on a cellular level, within hours.

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