Sunday, May 8, 2016

Can I eat for nutrients?

Here is that ages old question of food, that I and others have frequently asked ourselves. The question is, if I eat intuitively, will I get all the nutrients I need in one day? Is it possible that my body is not asking for all the nutrients it needs, but instead, the food that it requires? What if what my body needs, doesn't completely have to do with what it is intuitively bugging me to consume? What then, say you? What now? WHY ME??

Well of course I don't actually feel that last sentiment, but sometimes I am definitely tempted to ask myself a few questions that beg understanding. Let's face it. I don't always want to eat for the healthier side of the way I choose to live my life. I at times battle with my body's hunger, And what message that may be sending. 

I know that for one thing, I have been spending a lot of time honoring what seems to be my body crying for vitamins. I haven't given my body vitamins in such a long time, that I'm not even sure it recognizes them. However, seeing as my body feels and looks quite a bit younger and fitter, I am making vitamin mineral electrolyte consumption part of my fitness routine once again. I have done green drinks, I've been vegetarian, carnivorous bullet proof primal Paleo citizen whackadoodle of planet earth, but still I nutritionally rise. I began using herbs as a simple energetic fix, to fill in nutritional gaps.but at some point most recently, my body said to give it some vitamins and stop messing around.

There are some philosophies that I have studied, that says hunger is not real. Then some studies will tell a person to actually feed the hunger because it means that your metabolism is dropping below the realm of desired metabolic acceleration. So could that actually be how my mind is fashioned, as to whether either statement could be true for me or not? Or is it not nearly as philosophical as this? Could it really be physiological, how the body gets hungry and is telling you actually to eat? Or could it be that the body is telling you it is about to lose weight, and then proceeds to do so? Is there an easy way to lose weight? What I mean is, do you mean I really don't have to starve? Or is there still some form of extremism involved in pushing the body to lose weight?

What else is possible?

The best suggestions I have been given so far, is to truly honor whatever the body wants to eat, learn the difference between the mind and the body and know that both speak… And to only listen to and act on the body message. Honor and listen to the mind, but acting on it is not always the quickest approach to the expected outcome. 

Oh yeah and...stop expecting anything, and you'll always be surprised when something wonderful happens to your body.

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