Monday, December 9, 2013

Vegas Doesn't do Bulletproof.

Alas, my efforts to stay on point with Bulletproof philosophy has somewhat failed me in a rather sizable way. Or shall I say, I allowed Bulletproof to slide while on our vacation. What would I have done? Packed my French press and a quarter pound of coffee? The only reason why this may work out either in my favor or while breaking even, is because the time spent in Vegas, and the amount of food we even ate was minimal.


Who fasts while in Vegas??!?? ...I kind of did.

It wasn't really my intention. But I sort of just didn't eat. I don't know exactly why, but it seemed to be the thing to do. I mean after all, we weren't there to ruin our girlish and boyish figures, but instead to have fun. And right in the midst of learning to do a new thing with my fasting, was not the proper time to even come to Vegas. So I made the best of it. I also made a new decision to find a similar stride next time, as the food options at the Luxor were slim pickings.

Since being on a grass-fed regimen, I realized I had one of several choices: I could pack my meals from home, freezing and precooking my meats and metering out everything,  I could buy some ready-to-eat foods like almonds, nut butter, protein powder, fruit and jerky, or I could be subjected to the dreaded monster food breakfasts, lunches and dinners at both fast food and sit-down dinner restaurants. This was my dilemma, to which had a simple fix: Don't eat until 2p and then don't eat unless you're hungry, eat snacks I bought from the store before getting on the road, and most of all, if you buy a sandwich and it doesn't for some reason hit the spot, you know that your mind and thoughts do not have to be centered around food, in order to have a good time.

I ended up having a rather uninteresting beefsteak sandwich of only half I chose to eat. The next day I had a chicken sandwich and a coffee. That was it. Earlier that day I had apples and almonds. I guess I ended up substituting my food calories out for a little alcohol. The great thing about alcohol and food consumption is, I get to choose what, how much of it, and when.

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