Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Body Wrestling, part two: Food Feeling.

     Greens and proteins....animals and grasses. That is all anyone needs. I know. I've just used a form of subjective fallacy, and offended a lot of vegans. Yet and still, I persevere in this idea of ancestral eating being closest to our unique DNA structure. Lately. Though can I really say this is accurate anymore if I also claim that we can change the structure of our DNA? Look at how my writing changes between part one and two because of a little green intake, and now, protein.

     Over the course of the past hour, I have been slowly loading food. I've taken one supplement and I'm on my second cup of coffee (since before returning to slumber for a bit longer). I am taking careful stock in how food moves me. We as a society are far too involved in how food makes us feel. We are often looking for extreme, euphoric sensation from our food. But how about if we took it a little further and allowed the food to move us, but through healthy means? Bottom line in my body is that food is a Shamanic experience and possibly a tool for self realization when used with intention. White flour and sweet desserts are a whole different intention in itself. And also, if form follows function, we have to look at the reasons why a food is the way it is, why it is eaten, what benefits are obtained, and why they are important (or not so important).

     When I eat_______, it makes me feel like ________. I use this sentence frame repeatedly, in the effort to think closely about each bite. So here's my recent one.

When I eat high amounts of greens, it make feel clean as a whistle.
When I eat high animal proteins, I feel sated and clear.
When I eat erythritol, it runs through me like a freight train.
When I eat white flour, it makes me feel like a big sack of lumpy coal in the freezer.
When I drink coffee, I feel neurally stimulated and sharp.
When I eat sugar, I feel foggy and muddy, like a dull blade.
When I don't eat for more than six hours, I feel hollow, empty, and super lean.
When I don't eat for six or more hours, I start feeling giddy and silly, light and floaty. But NOT HUNGRY.

     So this not hungry phenomenon started to make me think I had something going on with my thyroid, as this was accompanied by some minor symptoms...but I found almost all of the symptoms to some small degree. I have since scheduled an appointment with the doc to get a Thyroid blood panel done. As the thyroid hormone goes, it does not suggest it will show it as less than normal. That's common.
     Meanwhile the thyroid really could use some extra thyroxine, to make sure a goiter doesn't form, if it can be helped. So far I have been very blessed, as well as just smart, because I take care of the bugger. Looks also like I've kicked my ghrelin addiction, and possibly my leptin resistance, as I see my body leaning out. But really, again, sensations, sensations, and more sensations rock our world as we sense our way through our food and its effects. I'm gonna say that I'm experiencing more of the Low Carb Flu, and less of an actual issue with my endocrine system, as I am producing some kickass workouts. I should talk about thyroid hormone and the endocrine system in another blog.

     What's funny is that I haven't been feeling hungry, no matter what I do. I'm just not feeling hungry. I just eventually feel the need to consume, and then I do. I don't have many cravings anymore for anything. It's fascinating how, after dropping grain carbs and really oatmeal and brown rice (because those were the only carbs I was allowing myself to have for two weeks), I only craved them for like two days. After that, done. The cravings were gone. I had a craving for erythritol and stevia for a moment, but that seems to have subsided as well. L-Glutamine helped me tremendously with that, which we will discuss in part three.

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