Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get your Greens...

Greens are often touted as nutritional powerhouses, and they are. Kale is currently being hailed as the superfood superhero at the particular moment, and I couldn't agree more. This does not mean to say that other greens should be avoided. There was a time when I ate so much broccoli just to prove to myself that I could. When I realized I could...I then lost interest. This is a concern of any normal person with a "normal" palate, meaning, someone who has a regular balance of discipline and devilish delight in the diet.

Now this past week, I found the largest, cheapest bag of spinach and Persian cucumbers I could find and decided this was what I'd eat for a week. Nothing much else except for nuts and yogurt, and at night, eggs after my workout. Maybe in between I'd have a protein shake after my apples and tea latte for breakfast, and the occasional banana. But that would be pretty much it. Now I hadn't had any spinach in a very long time, but this monstrous bag was sure to change that, and how. My question was definitely how. ...could I do it? What would I eat and how many different ways would I use the spinach?

Truth is, I haven't done much to it at all, beyond a delicious and refreshing, huge bowl of leaves. It's what I topped them with, that changed my smirk to a satisfying grin: lemon juice, tomatoes, red onion, Bulgarian Sheep's milk cheese, olive oil and aged merlot salt. This ultra-pleasing, sour combination of food made my evening.

I ate this salad with reckless abandon and vowed to make another, just the same.

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